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Who are we?

MEDIACOIN creates an investment pool using the funds of our investors (both fiat and Bitcoin). In return for letting us use their funds, we issue daily returns based on our arbitrage opportunities. These daily returns vary from minimal (As low as 0.01%) in the case of a day with limited arbitrage opportunities, and relatively large (as high as 10%) in the case of a day with numerous arbitrage opportunities due to market fluctuations. Due to the fact that we are using arbitrage as a means of profit, there is never any risk to the funds in the system. Arbitrage is essentially a "low to no risk" investment, due to the fact that any Bitcoins that we purchase are sold within seconds of them being purchased on another exchange. After extensive study of the Bitcoin markets, we have found that there has essentially never been a situation where an arbitrage opportunity would produce a loss.

Why choose us?

  • Unique Investment Program
  • Strong DDoS protection
  • Comodo Green EV-SSL encryption
  • Company Certificate
  • Unique Design
  • Professional Management Team

Calculate Your Profit:

Minimum Investment:
0.05 Bitcoins!

Daily Returns: 0.1% to 10%!
Withdraw Prinicpal At Anytime

The investment calculator shows the growth of your investment at MEDIACOIN.
Estimated ROI and related calculations are based on an average trading profit of 1.898% per trading day.

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Investing With Us

The greatest limitation of a Bitcoin arbitrage system is the need for funds on multiple exchange platforms. Without large amounts of capital, the arbitrage strategy is not viable, as the lag between moving funds from one exchange to another prevents users from purchasing on one exchange, moving funds to another, and profiting. This is due the fact that most exchanges require 3 Bitcoin confirmations, which often takes more than an hour. Therefore, the only way to profit is to maintain a balance on each of the major Bitcoin marketplaces.

Partner program by inviting your friends to our company, you are helping to expand our idea of making money online worldwide, and as a reward, you will be given 10% of your friends' earnings. With a higher budget, our systems taking advantage of arbitrage are more safe and stable. In the referrals section, you can find useful promotional banners to advertise your referral link.

Arbitrage is the act of buying Bitcoins on an exchange where the price is very low and selling them at an exchange where the price is relatively high. The prices of Bitcoin vary on different exchanges due to the fact that the markets are not directly linked. Also, the trading volume on many exchanges is low enough that the price does not adjust to the true average right away.

Withdraw at any time using our system, you can withdraw your profits at any time and funds will appear in your wallet instantly. If you would like to cancel your original deposit, you will be refunded 90% of your initial principal amount. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for us to approve your refund request, as we need time to withdraw your principal from the Bitcoin market. After approval, you may feel free to withdraw your entire balance.

Daily trading results depend on many factors: global news, elections around the world, approval of Bitcoin as a payment method in large merchant networks, etc. However, with a higher budget, we can manage our arbitrage gains more smoothly and safely on different markets, in addtion to hiring trading specialists to help analyze market movements. That is why daily revenue varies so much between 0.1% to 10%.

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